Say No to Indiscriminate usage of NSAIDs

Akula Annapurna


Say No to Indiscriminate usage of NSAIDs
It will be our tradition to start every issue with a topic which demands attention of people
especially pharma professionals and of course the researchers. NSAIDs are proved to be very
beneficial as analgesic, antipyretic and anti inflammatory agents. Their usage is becoming more
and more as they are available as OTC drugs. Its worth to remember that they too possesses
number of side effects, including GI side effects, Nephropathy, liver failure and prolonged
bleeding after an injury or surgery. It is now reported NSAIDs causes dementia and shows
negative effect on protein synthesis. Their cardiovascular risk was in the head lines for several
months. One more fact is that no NSAID should be taken for more than 10 days, unless a doctor
has prescribed otherwise. Unnecessary and indiscriminate usage of NSAIDS increasing
alarmingly (Green, 2001) and should be taken care of. They often take along with prescription
drugs and there are several incidences of drug interactions. For example concomitant usage of
anticoagulants or oral glucocorticoids should be avoided. (Ibuprofen, Clinical Pharmacology So, indiscriminate usage of NSAIDs should be regulated.

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