Based on the ethnobotanical importance as diuretics Aerva lanata and Ecbolium ligustrinum were selected for present
screening. Experiment was carried out on male wister strain albino rats using furosemide as standard drug. 20mg/kg and
200mg/kg oral doses are selected for standard and test respectively. For quantifying the diuretic activity the urine output,
urine pH, sodium, potassium and chloride levels in the urine are measured. The diuretic index value of Ecbolium ligustrinum
is 1.70 and nearer to the standard furosemide value 1.80. Aerva lanata group shows less diuretic index of 1.49 compared to
standard. The ratio of the concentration of sodium ions to the potassium ions in control group was found to be 1.39 and the
ratio for standard, Aerva lanata and Ecbolium ligustrinum are 1.78, 1.49 and 1.68 respectively. Ecbolium ligustrinum
affected the amount of urine excreted and also the electrolyte concentration in urine. The present study concluded that roots
of Aerva lanata and Ecbolium ligustrinum are having diuretic nature.


Diuretic activity, Aerva lanata, Ecbolium ligustrinum, Roots

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