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It’s our great pleasure to introduce the second issue of the “Journal of
Pharmaceutical Research and Health Care” (JPRHC). We received positive response
from the pharmacy community from all over the world with the launch of JPRHC. It is
our tradition to start every issue with a topic which is necessary for the community.
Indiscriminate usage of drugs is a worldwide problem which needs immediate attention.
We come across reports on misuse of progesterone.
Norethisterone is progesterone and is generally prescribed to treat conditions like
dysfunctional uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, and endometriosis. Progesterone’s can also
be used to postpone menstruation. It is sold with brand name Primolut–N. In a country
like India, where most of the prescription drugs are available without prescription,
Primolut- N is often used by women for the postponement of menstrual cycle without
even consulting a qualified medical professional.
There was a recent report on misuse of primolut N. A woman has taken the above
drug for postponement of menstrual cycle, but the fact was unknown that, by that time
she consumed the pill she was already pregnant. She gave birth to mentally retarded baby
boy and boy survived only for 2 years.
Most of the women have no awareness of the nature of the drug, its adverse
effects and contraindications which include known or suspected pregnancy, lactation,
diabetes mellitus, thromboembolism, hepatic disorders and hormone dependent
malignancies. Hence indiscriminate use of these pills is not advisable. Let us all bring
more awareness on proper usage of drugs.

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